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Current court fees incurred with paper filings, plus

  • $2.00 County e-Filing technology recovery fee
  • $5.00 Texas Online e-Service fee
  • $5.00 Court File America service provider fee
  • .27 2.25% Credit card usage fee
    $12.27 TOTAL

    If eService to opposing counsel is an included, the filing fee increases to $17.89.

Hardware and software requirements:

  • Internet access
  • Completed registration with Court File America
  • Adobe PDF Reader to read submitted and returned documents
  • Scanner to submit non-electronic documents (Court File America accepts
    Microsoft Word (.doc), ASCII Text Files (.txt), and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files

Time and Date Stamp:

The time and date stamp applied to your filing are the time and date that you submit your filing via Court File America. You will receive a submission acknowledgement with a trace number and the timestamp.

NOTE: E-filing rules allow filing up to 11:59 PM on the filing deadline BUT do not extend filing deadlines.

File stamped copy:

  • The attorney will receive a file stamped copy via e-mail when the document is accepted by the court clerk (usually the next business day)
  • Only the top (lead) document will receive a file stamp. If you need a file stamp on a series of documents, each will have to be filed separately.

Standalone e-Service:

This feature allows you to directly email discovery to opposing counsel without going through the court. You will receive email proof of electronic delivery

Local Rules:

The Texas Supreme Court has createda uniform set of local e-Filing rules.
The link below is to Harris County’s rules.

Court File America