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PLEASE REVIEW the latest eFiling Update posted on June 18, 2014

NOTE:  Bookmark this website and not the log-in  page so that you do not miss updates posted above.

Court File America has been a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) since 2006 and we serve as your link to the State of Texas’ Electronic Filing Manager (EFM)  See our tab “How eFile Works” for more detail on role of each party in the electronic filing system.

Through our site’s log-in,, we offer you the choice of either:

      1.  Free efiling*   (self administration and use your own credit card)

      2.  Transaction fee* for our Credit Account Customers, included: : 

  • Charge efilings on our credit card and receive a monthly invoice,
  • Receive a detailed statement of your firm’s monthly efilings,   
  • Eliminate reconciling firm credit card statement to efilings,
  • Receive direct training and telephone support, plus
  • We register & maintain your firm by serving  as Co-administrator.

*EFSP fee in addition to any Court filing fees


Computer requirements: Our system works with all current versions of the Windows operating system using Internet Explorer 7 and above or Firefox.  Apple user must use Firefox.  A high-speed Internet connection is desirable.

  1. To request a credit account please contact us at: 713-863-0195 or Support Link

  2. Self-registration  The system is based on first registering the “firm” whether the firm is a sole practitioner or a multi-location practice.  Attorneys, Users (efilers), and credit cards are then  added to the Firm’s database.

    Registration Instruction
    1) Firm Registration.pdf
    2) User Registration.pdf

  3. eFiling Tutorial Your review of the tutorials will make for a faster, more accurate and less frustrating E-File experience.
    1) E-File into Existing Case.pdf
    2) E-File Original Petition.pdf

OUR BUSINESS Model:  When the State of Texas selected to serve as the its manager (EFM), the State mandated that also to offer a “free” “no charge” EFSP to compete with the for profit EFSPs. This free EFSP is  It enjoys a direct connection to the EFM database. However, the for profit EFSPs must enter the EFM database via a different portal, Application Programmer Interface (API).  At this point in time the API path is still being constructed and is not equal to direct path.  Consequently, our log-in path is via the “free” When the direct and API connections are equal, we will offer our own API connection from this website.


Court File America